Schar Wholesome Seeded Loaf

Schar Wholesome Seeded Loaf

Schar Gluten Free Wholesome Seeded Loaf

I bought this loaf in Aldi last week as it was in their Special Buy section. It was pricey compared to supermarket own brand gluten free loaves but more or less on a par with other big brands.

The first thing I noticed about this loaf was that it has a really long use by date. I bought it in August and the use by date is October! I don’t know if this is a good thing or not …. gluten free bread that lasts longer than 24 hours is definitely a pro … but on the other hand, what are they putting in it to make it last that long??? Hopefully it’s just the way it’s packed, rather than an ingredient.

Once I opened the bag, the next obvious difference between this loaf and others is that it sits in a little plastic tray. I must admit that this struck me as just being unnecessary packaging.

Schar loaf in plastic tray

The loaf itself is pretty small – as so many gluten free loaves are. The middle slices are small and the end slices are really tiny.

It made a nice sandwich though. The texture is distinctly ‘gluten free’ but it’s hard to put my finger on exactly why. It doesn’t disintegrate into crumbs when you pick it up, and it’s not too dry … but it doesn’t really have a ‘bread-y’ texture to it. It tastes very nice and it doesn’t go laggy and stick in your teeth like other brands do.

Overall, a decent loaf but nothing to write home about.

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