Asda’s Cookies & Cream biscuits

Asda’s Cookies & Cream biscuits

I spotted these biscuits in Asda and thought I’d give them a try. It’s so rare to see filled gluten free biscuits I was excited to taste these. They cost £1.30 for 8 biscuits so, whilst not exactly cheap, they’re much better value than other biscuits such as Schar.

The outer packaging is bright and appealing but the inner packaging could be improved. The biscuits aren’t wrapped individually or in pairs like Schar biscuits are so they don’t keep as well – once the packet is open you’ve got to eat them all within a few days. That said, I’ve got mine in an air-tight biscuit tin and they’re lasting pretty well in there.

The biscuits themselves are a decent size and have a good amount of cream inside them. They hold their shape and don’t disintegrate when you bite into them. They have a rich, chocolaty taste and are very moreish. What they don’t have is that giveaway, gritty texture that some gluten free biscuits have, caused by the high quantity of rice flour in the recipe. Their texture is just like any gluten-containing biscuit.

I was really impressed by these and will definitely be buying them again. Well done, Asda! 10/10.

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  1. Sorry, I don’t have any in the house to check the label. If you look on all of the ingredients are listed there.

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