107 Dining Room, Heswall

107 Dining Room, Heswall

107 Dining Room, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 0AF

I love eating here and never fail to be impressed by their outstanding gluten free menu and knowledgeable staff. From the moment you sit down, 107 Dining Room is ahead on points because they have a full gluten free menu, separate from the gluten-containing menu. So you don’t have to read through a lengthy menu full of things you can’t eat, looking for a little ‘gf’ next to some items. You don’t have that disappointment of picking a meal labelled ‘gf’, only to find it arrives with half of the meal missing because ‘that’s how chef makes it gluten free’. You don’t have that ‘second-class citizen feeling’ when everyone else gets a smart menu and someone chucks you a piece of A4 with 3 salads listed on it and expects you to be grateful. What you do get is a cheerful waiter/waitress who hasn’t rolled their eyes, sighed or looked puzzled as you asked for their gluten free menu. You’re handed a proper, full menu, just like everyone else. Inside the menu the set menus, á la carte options and drinks menus are all there, so you’re not having to compare your menu with someone else’s to try and work out what is included in a deal, or to look at the cocktail list. Their gluten free menu is extensive. Almost all meals that aren’t naturally gluten free have been adapted in such a way as to make sure they are still as appetizing, plentiful and delicious as their gluten-containing equivalents. It is superb.

I have eaten at 107 Dining Room many times and have never been made to feel like a nuisance, have never felt short-changed and have never been made ill. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great meal out in Wirral.

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