Marigolds Fish & Chips

Marigolds Fish & Chips

I went to Marigolds in West Kirby, Wirral today for a birthday treat. There was no need to preorder food, they do gluten free all day every day, you just tell them when you arrive. It was only a 5 minute wait before I had freshly cooked, gluten free fish and chips. Still Covid-conscious, we had waited outside and expected to be called in to collect our order. But it was brought out to us, with a smile and we were told which pack had the gluten free food in it. We took our lunch down to the waterfront and sat, looking out across the marine lake. It was really nice fish and chips and I defy anyone to tell the difference between that and the gluten-containing equivalent. I was really impressed and will definitely go back. I highly recommend Marigolds if you’re in West Kirby.

Their website is

Marigolds, West Kirby, Wirral
Gluten free fish and chips

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