Baking Cakes

Oat & Sultana Muffins

I adapted this recipe from a gluten-filled version I had. The muffins are easy to make and taste really good. Recipe -Makes 12 muffins 85g gluten free oats 250ml milk 1tsp lemon juice 120g margarine 100g light brown sugar 1 egg 120g gluten free self-raising flour 1tsp gluten free baking powder 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of […]

Diary Travel

Edinburgh, Scotland

When I decided I wanted a short break somewhere this month, I did my research before I booked anywhere. Staying within the UK was the plan anyway but I knew that would give me the back-up option of familiar chain restaurants if local, independent options failed. We settled on Edinburgh. Research suggested there were plenty […]


One year on

Today is, what I have affectionately named, my gluten-free-versary. This is my 367th day of being gluten free. Last year was a leap year before anyone thinks I’ve gone mad! ? So I have survived my first gluten free Shrove Tuesday, Easter, birthday, work night out, summer holiday, work residential, and Christmas. I’ve told my […]

Baking Cakes Christmas

Christmas Cake

I’m a firm believer that being on a gluten free diet should not (a) force you to miss out on festive favourites or (b) compel you to pay extortionate amounts to buy teeny tiny gluten free versions of these treats in the shops. To that end, here is a recipe for a gluten free Christmas […]

Baking Biscuits Christmas

Ginger Biscuits

Several weeks ago I saw a kit for mini gingerbread houses to balance on the edge of a mug. So I tried to recreate it by making templates and baking my own biscuits. The result was a set of very tasty biscuits, sadly incapable of retaining their shape whilst they baked. But delicious nonetheless. It […]

Baking Christmas Pastry

Mince Pies

Last December I was making the most of what I knew was likely to be my last gluten-filled Christmas. This year I am determined that going gluten-free will have as little impact as possible on my traditional Christmas treats. I used to buy lots of (mostly chocolate-based) treats and I’ve found a good substitute for […]

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